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Super Wash


Exterior Quick hand Wash vacuum & tyre shine.

Majestic Signature Wash


Exterior Hand wash , Vacuum all , wipe dashboard
wipe console,wipe doorframe, side inserts
windows cleaned, wheel clean and tyre shine.

Majestic Wash Top Seller

From $65

Bug, Sand and mud removal,high pressure rinse,
wheel clean,full exterior wash and shampoo, complete interior vacuum,
window clearn,wipe door sills, hand finsh, dashboard clean, glass clean, type shine.

Perfect Hand Polish

From $90

Wax wash, bug removal,clay treatment,vacuum all
hand polished, shine outstrips wheel clean,
wipe dash boardconsole, side door.

Interior Detail

From $180

includes Majestic's Signature Wash
plus shampoo and steam clean seats, mats and carpets;
also condition leater and shine with protective shine.

Paint Restoring

From $200

Includes Majestic's Signature
Wah plus clay treatment
paint buff, restore & polish.

Detail Deluxe

From $250

EXTERIOR- Exterior hand wash & shampoo clay Treatment to remove surface contaminants
such as tar and bug removal from paintwork.Apply an over duco protective hand polish.
Detail door & boot jams, wheel wash, applu tyre shine.
INTERIOR- Vacuum all interior, leather seat cleaning and conditiong treatment,
shampoo and steam clean seats, cleaning and armor conditioning of dashboard.

Showroom Detail


RESTORATING plus clay treatment, paint buffed,
restored, polished. DETAIL ENGINE BAY.


$ 5.00


$ 10.00

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