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Majestic Car Wash, East Maitland/NSW 2323 Australian Private company

The Majestic Car Wash Private company Story

Majestic Carwash has been given the rights to operate two new Carwash sites at the phenomenal newly redeveloped Green Hills shopping centre in East Maitland NSW.Majestic was chosen due to their professionalism in service,value and enviro friendly concept.Our ground floor site which opened for trading on the 6th of April 2018 is already proving to be a very successful site due to many factors,our professional employees with Very stringent training requirements and experience in the Carwash business,our latest technologies in software and car washing equipment,non toxic chemicals are all factors contributing to the success.There will be a second Majestic site opening in May 2018 on the P5 level right next to the escalators for every customer’s easy access.

Quality: The Majestic Car Wash Private company undertakes car wash and detailing services for our clients, professionally which perform these services with utmost quality and equal priority.

Speed: The wash process is designed to deliver consistent results whatever the weather. On busy days we can wash up to 10 cars per hour with the same outstanding results. The pre wash process allows the wash to really do its job quickly and effectively by removing all the surface dirt.

Value: Because we are so good at what we do typically Majestic Car Wash Private company is the best priced car wash in the markets where we operate that allows us to pass on the benefits to our customers so you benefit.

Care: Majestic Car Wash Private company has been developed consistently car cleaning & detailing process over a decade around the East Maitland/NSW 2323, which means we know cars and how to wash them. Our cleaning technology is all developed to give your car the best possible care it deserves, in addition our professionals are there to ensure that we deliver results time after time and provide that extra care and reassurance.

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